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The Truth On Board


By Staff Reporter

HARRISMITH –  Police have arrested a 33-year old man on possession of suspected stolen goods on N3 Road in Harrismith, as part of ‘Operation Show Your Receipts’ which was launched a week ago following looting of stores by residents of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

The suspect was travelling in a taxi from Johannesburg to InandaKwazulu-Natal on July 16, when police stopped a taxi and searched it, they found large bags which he admitted belonged to him upon questioning by police.

“Inside the bags police found children’s clothing items, jackets and shoes bearing a price tag. The man failed to produce receipts as proof of purchase. All the items were seized by police.

The suspect is in detention and is expected to appear before the Harrismith magistrate court soon on charges of possession of suspected stolen property, “read police statement.

Police checking clothes suspected to have been looted from Gauteng.

Meanwhile, police also arrested another 33-year old man from KZN in the same area the following day, on possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

“Police pulled off a blue VW Polo with NUZ registration numbers. There were four occupants inside and each occupant was requested to carry  own luggage.

Upon searching one of the passengers’ luggage police found a black and silver 9mm parabellum pistol with visible serial numbers, 15 live ammunition and a magazine.”

According to police the man failed to provide a license for the firearm, and he was promptly arrested and detained in police holding cells until Monday when he was expected to appear in the Harrismith Magistrate court.