The Guard

The Truth On Board


By Emily Setona

QWAQWA-“South Africa this is not us,” that is the sentiment that echoes from a majority of people from different walks of life. In the wake of South Africans taking to the streets looting and burning property that is said to be for their benefit. QwaQwa residents say “No”.

In response to the recent political turn of events in relation to former President Jacob Zuma’s journey to jail, South Africans in different towns and cities have resolved to burning property and looting, property that is said to be for the people’s benefit. Their benefit…is it really? Why would a people disgruntled and aggrieved take to the streets and destroy what belongs to them? Isn’t there a better way to have their voices heard? Then it can easily be said that the impoverished and disenfranchised masses clearly feel like protests and acts of violence are the only way that they can be heard. This is not the case for everyone though. While some parts of the country are pulled into acts of violence and vandalism the community of QwaQwa has opted to say; “NO!”

The Local municipality of Maluti – a – Phofung (MAP) has sent out a clear message to the residents of QwaQwa that destroying property and looting are not the way. Residents in this municipality seem to agree with this sentiment. Social media is abuzz with posters and messages that say “NO” to looting and vandalising in MAP. Some residents have expressed the sentiments that the community of QwaQwa has waited for a long time to have a mall built in their community so no one is going to watch it go up in flames.

This volatile situation has caused shortages in food supply and other essential goods. This has a crippling effect on an otherwise struggling economy. Heeding the call to be on their best behaviour residents are also urged not to panic in the face of the lack of supply of essential goods. The people of QwaQwa who are 80 percent of the Basotho people have humbly accepted the request to exercise civil obedience.   

Unfortunately, shortages of fuel that have been recently reported will also have an adverse effect on residents who are motorists as well as the taxi industry. Commuters who travel by taxi to work will feel the bitter bite of QwaQwa’s icy winter while waiting for a taxi for what might seem like an eternity. The taxi lines are almost no-existent, with the call to stay home stay safe the Covid-19 lockdown regulations have also added its sting to a bad situation. Most economic activities are had hit by everything that is happening in South Africa at this moment in the country’s history. 

In the face of all this violence and uncertainty, the people of QwaQwa have humbly decided to abide by the set rules both Covid-19 lockdown regulations as well as the No looting and no destroying of property plea from their local municipality.