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Maverick solar energy comes to the rescue

By Emily Setona

QWAQWA – The community of Maluti – a – Phofung (MAP) is experiencing an energy crisis when it comes to electricity supply. Eskom has reduced the maximum capacity that it offers this local municipality, unfortunately blackouts are a thing that residents have to get used to for long periods of time in this rural community. Maverick technology, innovation and solar energy have truly become a saving grace for the community of MAP where solar power is concerned.

After completing a very huge project in Lesotho where he had to install a twenty five thousand watts off grid system at Ha Ramabanta Fatima lodge, Paseka Mosia received great reviews from the owners of the lodge and this opened many other doors for his solar energy business; “After completing this job in Lesotho Akofang Intermediate school in my home town of Qwaqwa have requested me to come and install a solar system for their school. This was a ten thousand watt off grid system installation,” Mosia said. After installing the solar system this is what the principal of the school had to say; “Maverick solar has truly helped us because our community really has problems when it comes to electricity, as a school we were really struggling, we even resorted to buying a generator but that didn’t help instead it added an extra cost. Since Maverick has installed solar panels for our school, things are now running smoothly,” “The computer lab was no longer functioning and it was hard to print any documents for the learners when we were still struggling with electricity, now everything is working as it should,” the representative from the School Governing Body (SGB).

Installing solar panels Paseka Mosia.

Residents who have received services from Maverick say that he has really come to their rescue because the frequent on and off that the electricity situation in Qwaqwa is busy going through has destroyed many of their appliances. Installing solar panels has become a better long-term solution for some residents because it is an investment with a once off huge cost for the installation of the whole system and then a lower cost of maintenance as is needed over time. “After hearing about my work at Akofang, Kgula Thuto High school has also approached me to come and install my solar system for them. I am very happy that my services are helping my community in such a significant way, and it warms my heart that my work is having a positive solution to the unfortunate situation that QwaQwa has when it comes to electricity,” Mosia said.