The Guard

The Truth On Board


By Masilo Malakwane

QWAQWA – Nkgono Poki Alina Mafereka of Slovo Park shed tears of joy as she held the keys to her new home that was gifted to her by home-grown businessman, Thite Titi, as part of Mandela Day celebrations on Sunday 18 July, 2021.

Having spent most of her life living in a cold and cracked mud house with her 28-year old grandchild‚ 88-year old Mafereka wiped her tears and saw Tlholo Victory Foundation re-living the vision of anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela when she was handed the keys to her brand new five-roomed home. This would have been the late former statesman’s 103rd birthday.

“I felt like I was dreaming when I finally held the keys‚ I never thought I would ever become a homeowner. From the deepest of my heart I really want to express my gratitude to Mr. Titi and ward councilor Nomasonto Mlangeni-Ramathesele for making my dream come true. This is one of the best feelings I have ever felt‚” said Mafereka.

Thite Titi cutting a ribbon as he hand over a house to Gogo Poki Alina Mafereka.

Titi, the founder and chief executive of Tlholo Victory Financial Services, emphasized the significance of ploughing back to the community the business serves.

“As a business, we must always ensure that we look after the very same people who supported because it is because of them that we’re still in operation,” he said.

Mafereka’s new home came with fully-fitted aluminium windows, wooded doors and ceramic tiles but she was most excited about the news that Titi promised to buy her a new double bed. “I can’t wait to sleep on a new real bed.” she said.

She told the Guard that she applied for a government RDP house during the tenure of former statesmen Thabo Mbeki. She added stated that she did not receive any support from former councillors of her ward. Her other two children didn’t think she and her grandchildren would find a place to call home one day.

A new house from Tlholo Victory Foundation.

“It feels good to finally own something; I am beyond grateful for this. I am so happy that this whole Mandela Day celebration feels like a great ceremonial‚” said Mafereka.

Mlangeni-Ramathesele, who is said to have helped Nkgono Mafereka with the funding application, said she was aware of the dire condition of Mafereka’s mud house. “It was terrible, hence I saw the need to look for aid, and Mr. Titi was there like he always is. I can now find peace knowing that Nkgono now has something to call a home and leave for her grandchildren,” she said.