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Windfall for women in farming

By Staff Reporter

QWAQWA – As the Free State province joins the rest of the country to celebrate Women’s Month,  Destea demonstrated that when  you educate a woman you educate a nation when it funded Lerato Mokoko – owner of Greenpeace Poultry – to  enable her to employ other unemployed women in her area.

This is one of the steps towards bridging the gap of gender inequality through empowering women  economically.  

“I would like to thank MEC Makalo Mohale for making this dream come true. At the moment I have the capacity of 2200 layers and 1500 boiler chickens – an increase from 500 layers and 500 boiler chickens. I was assisted by Destea to be where I am. I am thankful for the assistance I received from MEC .

Throwing her weight behind the cause of women empowerment, Mokoko already encourages other women to take poultry as their careers as it opens many opportunities while bridging the gap of inequality, poverty and unemployment by promoting entrepreneurship.

Female poultry farmer Lerato Mokoko.

“Besides producing eggs, I use a different model to sell them. I sell them to unemployed women who add their mark up to earn a living. They are doing very well in terms of promoting entrepreneurship.  I wish MEC Mohale, and his office can add more funding so that I can expand my sales to these women,” Mokoko said.