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Tsheseng Pitseng e Kgolo without water

By Emily Setona

QWAQWA – Residents of Tsheseng Pitseng e Kgolo go without water since the last month of 2022, all because a transformer that was taken for repairs has not been returned yet.

DA councilors Moshe Lefuma and Ana Motloung visited the community of Tsheseng Pitseng e Kgolo to investigate how bad the situation of water shortage has affected this village community. “It is very sad and disheartening to see that the transformer that assists a pump station to pump water to high lying areas was taken as part of repairs in December. The transformer hasn’t been returned until now and people in the area are suffering because they are not getting water from their taps and the is a shortage of Jojos in this area,” Lefuma said.

Another incident of poor living conditions in the area is a collapsed bridge that links two villages, and it is now impossible for people to get to either side. Residents expressed that school children must find their own way to get to school, which may not be the safest of routes because the level from the top to the bottom is a very deep river, this is very dangerous for children. The DA councilors along with the residents have reported these incidents to the local MAP16 councilor and plan to take up this issue of poor living conditions to the Maluti – a – Phofung (MAP) municipality.

The municipality promised to investigate the incidents. MAPWater communications officer Kelopile Mongake says that in such incidences they can only send issue water crisis notices until such a time that the municipality fixes the issue of the transformer on their water pump.