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Travelling from Lesotho into God’s Window

By Staff Reporter

LADYBRAND-Tourism Month is celebrated annually in September, and provides a heightened month-long focus on the importance of the sector to the South African economy. It features themed activities that are aligned to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) World Tourism Day celebrations. 

As welcoming the tourism month ladies combined from the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and South African country came together at Ladybrand in the Eastern Free State to enjoy their travelling trip to the Province of Mpumalanga into unwind and getting out of the coccon to breath a fresh of the forest in the mountain cliff.

Tourism Month encourage South Africans to travel domestically to sustain jobs and support the recovery of tourism in line with the Tourism Sector Recovery Plan.

“Planning the trip since November 2021 it wasn’t such going to be a huge success of taking a peace of mind away from busy roads and leave everything behind such as our career will be a difference” said trip organiser Getrude Matjeka.

“As a born person from Lesotho but plying my trade in South Africa I know my country very well on places such as “Mmaletsunyane falls and curvy beautiful roads but in Mzansi is quite different because they built their roads in such a way that you can know that your car will never be an accident which is perfect” said Matjeka.

On the tourist on the trip to Mpumalanga, Seithati Motsoloane, “The place we visited Graskop is in a Lowveld surrounded by timber with curvy roads but amazing despite the distance we didn’t feel the pinch of exhaustion because of the beauty along the way, being at God’s Window was peaceful, out of this world and Graskop has variety of amazing games unique birds, big swing and  Zipplining at it’s best say’s Motsoloane.

Matjeka went on to say “most valuable travel experience I had with my girls is when we traveled in Mpumalanga. The journey patiently waited for,  Of course, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to see a lot of beautiful places given that it was pitch black but the fun, laughter, dancing on our seats surpassed all, ooh how can I forget lots of stops on the way.

Through the potholes we bumped and laughed till we reached a small town called Sabie. Well, sightseeing started around 4 to 5 am when we passed a lot of oranges farm unbeknownst to our motherland Lesotho, the green scenery, and beautiful roads, it was fun. We went to see God’s window, what a sight it was; well, you’d have to actually be there in person to take in the scenery from the highest point we were at. It was indeed breath taking, nature at its best, God’s creation to it’s best.

From there we went to places to play some “jump out of your skin games”. My girls we brave enough to try out new things and dared life zip lining from one end to another. What I know is I’d do it over and over again, every month.  SA is beautiful and the energy from my girls was out of this world also the rates are cheaper and the trip has motivated differently, I would like to encourage everyone to experience new face, meeting new people as well as different cultures and origins of various provinces not only Mpumalanga because you need to leave your usual spot and shot’left concluded excited” Getrude Matjeka.