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The Ruff opens at the Golf Club

By Emily Setona

KESTELL – The Kestell Golf Club reopens its coffee shop and kitchen under the banner of “The Ruff”. This after realizing that the community needs more places to eat out and dine at.

Anne-Marie Ackerman and Bea Campbell-Cloete will be managing the coffee shop which will be open from Monday to Friday at twelve noon to eight o’ clock in the evening. On Saturdays the kitchen will be open from ten in the morning to eight at night while Sunday lunch will be available on selected Sundays. Nelson Moekoa and Isabella Ambro from the Business Community Development Association (BCDA) were invited to the launch and this is what Isabella had to say;

“The food is very tasty and the portions are large. It is nice to have another place in Kestell where we can come and enjoy delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.”

The Golf Club committee said that they are excited about re-opening the coffee shop that will be bring the residents of the Kestell community and golf players together in a relaxed environment to enjoy delicious food and a cup of coffee whenever they come around to the golf club.