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The Kestell Golf club donates to the cleanup campaign

By Emily Setona

KESTELL – On June 30th the Kestell Golf club handed over a donation of R2500 to the Kestell clean-up campaign for their hard work and dedication as a group of volunteers that helps keep the town clean.

Ampie Kemp, the chairperson of the Kestell Golf Club, handed over money collected from a potjiekos food drive that was held at the Kestell Golf Club to help collect money that will help the group of volunteers who form part of the Kestell cleanup campaign.

“We have a winning team here, seeing the hard work and dedication of this group of volunteers, we as the Kestell Golf club decided to collect some money to donate to the clean-up campaign volunteers to help them put food on the table,” Kemp said.    

Moses Moloi and Lucy Nhlapo received the donation on behalf of their team.

Speaking to The Guard, Moloi said: “We are very grateful to be receiving this donation; it is very encouraging to be getting support from the Kestell Golf Club for the volunteer work that we are doing. Keeping our community clean is our responsibility and I am very proud and happy that the community is supporting our efforts

The Kestell clean-up campaign team has been hard at work for close to four months now and the community of Kestell is very proud of their efforts to keep their community clean.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to assist this wonderful effort made by this team of volunteers,” Kemp said proudly.