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Rise Mzansi party marches to municipal offices

By Libuseng Nyaka

QWAQWA – Maluti-a-Phofung local municipality’s poor service delivery record has become cannon fodder for emerging political parties as they garner support ahead of coming national elections.

This became evident when newly formed Rise Mzansi political party marched to the offices of Maluti-a-Phofung local municipality on Tuesday this week to hand over a letter of grievances on the poor service delivery that is plaguing the eastern Free State municipality.

But things did not go according to the plan, as municipal gates were closed and no leadership came out to receive the letter.
Eventually, head of security Leponesa Mofokeng, without any mandate from MAP leadership voluntarily received letter.
After this the Convenor of Rise Mzansi Nomza Marchesi expressed dismay at the level of disrespect by the leadership of Maluti-a-Phofung.

She however admitted that proper channels were not followed even though they were still within their rights to have a peaceful march as provided for by the law.
“Today, clearly it shows this government does not have respect. There is lot of arrogance. We came here to submit a memorandum to the municipality on behalf of the community, because the MM and management of this municipality are very arrogant, and they do not care about the people and dignity of the people of Maloti-a-Phofung.

“Today we find a security guard deciding to take the memorandum. Whether we have followed due processes or not is neither here nor there. But 300 people are allowed to march to go to a public place because this is a public place. We were prevented from entering here and the gates were closed.”

FS convenor of Rise Mzansi party Nomza Marchesi outside Maluti-a-Phofung local municipality.

After receiving the memorandum, Mofokeng made it clear that he has no mandate to take the memorandum but cited an issue of security for using his own discretion.
“I am taking this memorandum after observing the security risk here as head of security.”

Asked if the march was part of their campaign for the coming election, Marchesi said her party has always been advocates of people’s human rights even before they could register as a party.
RISE Mzansi (RISE) is a South African political party founded in April 2023. It is led by Songezo Zibi, a former newspaper editor and co-founder of the Rivonia Circle think tank. The party’s economic policy is socially democratic.