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The Truth On Board


By Staff Reporter

BLOEMFONTEIN-The three suspects, police administration clerk and two people are expected to appear in court soon for truck hijacking, armed robbery and kidnapping.

The trio were arrested by police on Friday after the truck driver raised an alarm  that he had been hijacked and robbed, then forced into the boot of a car and  dropped off at unidentified area.

According to police spokesperson Col Thandi Mbambo, Parkweg police arrested three suspects, including an employee of the SAPS, earlier  last Friday on M30 road near Lengau farm.

“This was after information of a truck hijacking was disseminated to all vehicles on patrol to look out for a white Toyota Dyna truck that was allegedly hijacked on the N8 near De Brug army base. The police on patrol then spotted the static truck and approached it. Three males and a lady were found in the truck,” said Mbambo in a statement.

She said one of the suspects tried to mislead the police by masquerading as the owner of the truck.

“One of the males claimed to be the owner of the truck and identified the other two as  technicians who were there to fix the truck,” she  explained.

She however said upon searching them, the  SA police service appointment certificate was found on one of them.

“The three suspects, a 34-year-old admin clerk at the SAPS and two 30-year-old males, were arrested for possession of  presumed stolen property.

“The 40-year-old truck driver alleged he had been hijacked while driving with a lady, assaulted then robbed of his Samsung S10 and a wallet with bank cards. He was then dropped off late at night at an unknown location after being forced inside the boot of a vehicle that forced him off the road.”