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Peaceful walk to support victims of Israel

By Emily Setona

QWAQWA – Christian activist community Itani Rasalanavho organized a peaceful march that saw him pass through Harrismith, after witnessing Israel’s crimes against humanity in Gaza.

The Israeli offensive has had a particularly devastating impact on innocent Palestinian children who have lost their limbs and hearing.
After returning from Palestine, Rasalanavho organised a peaceful march from Johannesburg to Durban with the intention to collect enough money to buy medical supplies for the children of Gaza.

On January 28 the march found its way through the Free State town of Harrismith and several political parties came out in numbers to support Rasalanavho.
In an Interview with the media, Rasalanavho said: “The main purpose of this march is to raise funds aimed at buying prosthetic limbs, hearing aids and medical supplies for the Palestinian children. We’ve realized that the bombings affect the children’s hearing that is why the hearing aids are also very important.”

The spokesperson of the Harrismith Islamic Association Trust, Hussain Sayed said South Africans should be empathetic towards the situation that is happening in the Gaza strip because they have also been though similar human rights injustices.

Wearing islamic scarf Itani Rasalanavho christian activist in Harrismith.

“There are no better people on this earth to understand the situation that is happening in Gaza because we have been through a similar struggle. That is why we are creating this awareness of the genocide that is happening in the Gaza strip,” Sayed said.

Foreign minister Naledi Pandor has said South Africa would look at proposing other measures to the global community in a bid to stop Israel from killing civilians during its war in Gaza against Hamas militants.
This after Israel ignored the International Criminal Court’s order to stop killing civilians in Gaza.