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The Truth On Board


By Libuseng Nyaka

QWAQWA-The newly appointed MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Mxolisi Dukwana says appointing people with requisite skills is paramount to turning around the fortunes of municipalities.

Dukwana, who is the current Convener of the Free State African National Congress Interim Provincial Committee, was sworn in on September 28 as member of Free State Legislature, and two days later ascended to the position of MEC for Cogta in a cabinet reshuffle that happened on Friday.

He replaces Thembeni Nxangisa who has been deployed to Agriculture and rural development, taking over from William Bulwane who has since replaced fired MEC for Police, Roads and Transport Sam Mashinini.

Speaking in a television interview, Dukwana said getting the right people to do the work is key.

“We are going to make sure that whoever works in this municipalities has the requisite skills to be there, but those who do not qualify, what would be the reason to keep them if they are not supposed to be there?

“This is in line with ANC manifestos. There must be value for money. We must build better communities; this fits well what we as an organization are committing at the moment.

New FS Cogta MEC Dukwana Mxolisi.

“You do not take someone who is not an engineer and expect him to be effective in the field that he is not trained to be in. Those are little things that we need to turn around and make sure we bring an element of accountability. People must use resources that are bestowed in their authority in a manner they are supposed to be used. We have CFOs who should not have been in those positions. They do not have the requisite qualifications, or in terms of grading of municipality, do not meet the requirements.”

Dukwana also mentioned lack of good leadership in both management and executive levels as another factor contributing to municipalities’ appalling condition.

“We’ve also got leadership that fights among itself because that is one portion that the Auditor General (AG) pointed out, that there is actually generally lack of political leadership in municipalities and we need to deal with these issues so we can provide proper leadership, at both management and executive levels.”

He pointed out that building communities hinges on access to information, to enable them participate well informed.

“They can actually demand services that they know they deserve and ensure that they hold whoever is a councillor accountable. This also promotes participation of our people in their own development. It must not be the kind of situation where our people become passive recipients. They must be engaged properly.

“We cannot allow any of our institutions under the authority or government of the ANC, for people to do things without consequences. The most important thing to do is to look into the auditor general’s report and make sure that there are consequences and people take responsibility. We need to build functioning municipalities to build better communities,” he concluded.