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Mother loses R7000 savings in shack fire

By Emily Setona

QWAQWA – Sanna Mabizela leaves her shack for a few minutes visiting relatives nearby only to be hailed by neighbours to quickly return because her shack is on fire. This shocking incident leaves the family with a loss of R 7000 that they had in the house as savings.

Mabizela who lives in ward 21 in Sefikaneng village in Tsheseng has lost all her belongings and the children’s schoolbooks and uniform in a very shocking and heartbreaking incident for her and her family is.

Mme Sanna Mabizela from Sefikaneng village in Tsheseng rummaging through her burned belongings after her shack burned to the ground.

According to ward committee member Mosela Sefuti, Mabizela has three children, an eleven-year-old, five-year-old, and six-month-old baby. The family has lost all but the clothes on their backs. When talking to Sefuti Mabizela says that she had switched off everything before leaving the house to walk her aunt who doesn’t live far from her house, so she really doesn’t know what could have caused the fire.

“The is a tap nearby so the men tried to put the fire out but what gave the flame power was a gas container that still had some gas in it that was present in the house, unfortunately the shack was set ablaze in a matter of minutes, and everything has burned to nothing. Things that happen in our community are really sad. I hope that the municipality and other community members can lend a helping hand,” Sefuti said when talking to this publication.