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Map makes strides to quell water crisis 

By Libuseng Nyaka

QWAQWA – The water and sanitation department’s HOD, Dr Tseliso Ntili, has told the QwaQwa business community that Bloem Water is working with Map water to quell water crisis and has made significant strides already.

Ntili was briefing the business fraternity during an engagement meeting called by BCDA on Wednesday July 20,2022.

The deployment of Bloem Water is part of the national government’s intervention measures that involve an injection of R2 billion for the condition water utility to implement the project.

Ntili said tangible progress has been made despite challenges such as theft of equipment; to this effect he appealed to residents to work with them.

“We have started joining three dams together so that when one has problems, the others can be used to supply water. They must be connected and be able to communicate to each other and this will be finalized by November.

“On the water quality, we started in May to install treatment works at Fika patso which was started in 2016 but could not be completed. We had to rekindle that project; a contractor has already been appointed who started in May 2022. The work will be completed in March 2023.”

Ntili also disclosed that Bloem Water is already working with Map Water which it will be assisting to repair broken pipes and transfer skills through training.