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MAP embrace Flat rate  effectively from July

By Masilo Malakwane

QWA QWA – Maluti-a-phofung Executive Mayor Gilbert Tjhopo Mokotso delivered his State of the Municipal Address (SOMA) in Monontsha community hall yesterday, highlighting the progress of his MAP16 Civic Movement-led coalition administration over the past 204 days since it has been in power.

In his speech, Mokotso admitted that the coalition government had not been without challenges since it took office, “Yes, it’s been  only  204  days yet so much has happened”. Said Mokotso who survived two motions of No-Confidence.

This year’s SOMA was themed, “Rebuilding Maluti-a-phofung”

Mokotso emphasized The  implementation  of  R150  flat  rate  per  households for all potential  rural  households  which  are  not  registered  for Indigent Programme “the Municipality has established a committee that  will  ensure this implementation from  the  1st  of  July  2022.”

He said the municipality  has  a  budget  with  a  deficit  of  R181.8 compared to the deficit of R926.4 million from  the  2021/2022  financial  year “Yes, it is  still  a  deficit  of which  we  commit  to  deal with, but  it  is much  lower  than  in  the  financial  year  ending. This  is  because we have the  implementation  of  stringent  credit  control  measures  in  place  meant  to collect  old  debt  to  an  amount  of R2.1 billion  and current accounts  from  municipal consumers”

Maluti-a-Phofung executive mayor Gilbert Mokotso tabling the 2022/23 budget.

Furthermore, Mokotso added that the Municipality’s financial recovery plan will enhanced debt collection strategies whereby all defaulters, including businesses, have been targeted and anticipate increased revenue for the municipality. “Also, we are determined to plug all leakages that drain our financial coffers unnecessarily. Specific attention should be given to detecting and curbing illegal usage of electricity, unnecessary water spillages and wasteful use of municipal property like vehicles and other resources.”

Mokotso said negotiations between Eskom and the Municipality to come up with the best solution to pay the old debt of R6.8 billion to service the current debt and other creditors which leads to high finance charges, “both Eskom and MAP continue to negotiate through the respective workstream in preparation for the signing of the Service Level Agreement” said Mokotso.