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Malema promises to prioritize education

By Libuseng Nyaka

QWAQWA – Economic Freedom Fighters president Julius Malema promises to prioritize education if his party wins the elections on May 29,2024.
Malema said his government will lay a solid education foundation that will see Black children competing with their white counterparts.

“We want these children to start crèche when they turn three years. I do not want to see a three-year old child not attending crèche; they must start with early childhood development.
“Pensioners are not supposed to look after children because they are not trained to teach children. Our children could not read nor add numbers because they only start school when they turn seven, while white people’s children are way ahead. They must get breakfast at crèche and should be near their homes.”

Malema said at primary and secondary level there should be free education with free books, school uniform and shoes as well as two meals a day.
He said this can be achieved by using the money that is spent on prisoners’ uniforms and food.

‘Zola 7’ Zola Mahobe entertaining EFF supporters at Bolata village in Qwaqwa.

“We buy uniforms for prisoners, and they get if for free. Our children should not only get a free uniform when they are in prison. They must have breakfast and lunch. In prison, they eat three meals a day – breakfast, lunch, and supper. In prison, unlike here in Qwaqwa, water is available 24/7, there is no loadshedding because they have purchased generators for prisons.”

He said the free education should also be implemented in universities and TVET colleges .
“We no longer want the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). We pay university straight; students must receive their allowances straight from their banks. This should be same way social grants recipients do. They get their money straight in their pockets.”

EFF youth at Bolata in Qwaqwa.

Malema said this will not only apply for students but pensioners as well.
“You see these grandmothers here; their families depend on them. When you want to eradicate poverty you must increase the old person pension grant from R4000 upwards because they are core of households.”

He also promised to increase child grant to R1000 but discouraged young people from making babies because of the grant, and instead focus on their education.