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Malema: Gogos are the future

By Emily Setona

QWAQWA – Economic Freedom Fighters’(EFF) Commander in Chief (CIC) Julius Malema told the community of Bolata in Maluti-a-Phofung (MAP) that when his party governs, he will increase the pension grant to R4000 because grandmothers are the future.

On May 10, 2024, Malema arrived at the Thahameso sports ground in Bolata flying in a helicopter and a massive sea of supporters roared with excitement as they welcomed the EFF CIC as he landed to address them at this momentous community meeting.

“The grandmothers that you see gathered here today are the ones that are heading African families. When you talk about Qwaqwa you are talking about grandmothers. When you want to fight poverty, you must increase the social grant of the pensioners to R4000 or more because grandmothers are the ones that are taking care of families.

“With the money that they get, grandmothers buy food and take care of their grandchildren and they share the little mealie meal that they have with their needy neighbours. You will never lose money when you invest in grandmothers because they are the future,” Malema said when addressing the huge crowd.

Tsokolo Mphuti, an elderly lady from ward 14, said that she is very happy to see Julius Malema in Qwaqwa because she is a victim of the current government as she lives in abject poverty and hasn’t received any help from the councillors and community leaders.

Greeting elderly supporters at Bolata village in Qwaqwa EFF president Julius Malema.

“I live in a dilapidated house and sometimes I go to bed hungry. I hope EFF leader Julius Malema can help me to change my life,” Mphuti said in an interview with The Guard.
Another resident, Nomsa Sepula of Lusaka, said there is no community that is as poor as the community of Qwaqwa.

“I am not happy about a lot of things that are happening in our community because we have so many challenges. We don’t have electricity and even though we have dams like Metsi-Matso which is close to Lusaka, our community is often without water. If we want to change our lives and protect the future of our kids we must vote for EFF,” Sepula said.