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Lebesa pays tribute to fallen Pheko

By Libuseng Nyaka

QWAQWA-Dikwankwetla Party of South Africa who is also Chief whip of Maluti-a-Phofung local municipality , Moeketsi Lebesa said the passing of former Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) president Dr Motsoko Pheko marks the end of an era for not only the PAC but also the broader political land scape in the country.

“Dr Pheko’s multifaceted contributions as a historian Pan Africanist, theologian, author , politician, lawyer and PAC representative at the United Nations have left an indelible mark on the struggle of liberation and advancement of African interests.

“His deep commitment to the ideas of Pan Africanism and empowerment of the African people resonated far and wide, making him a respected figure both at home and on the international stage.

“His passing at a critical juncture in our country’s political development leaves a significant void in the human landscape that will be deeply felt by all those who knew him and were inspired by his work.”
Lebesa described Dr Pheko’s legacy as that of a passionate advocate for African unity, self-determination and social justice serves as a beacon of hope for future generations to continue the fight for a more just equitable society.

“His numerous books and writings have not only enriched our understanding of African roadmap for confronting the challenges that continue to face the continent,” Lebesa said.
On her social media X, the daughter of late Dr Pheko, Lebohang Liepollo Pheko hailed her father’s life as a life well lived.

“A leader, a legend and above all, a father. The man who changed my diapers, packed my lunch box, helped me with home works and taught me how to stand as the woman I am.”

Meanwhile, the Presiding Officers of Parliament, Acting Speaker of the National Assembly Lechesa Tsenoli, and Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces Amos Masondo, extended their heartfelt condolences to the family of the late former Member of Parliament, Dr Motsoko Pheko, who has recently passed away.

Late former PAC president Dr Motsoko Pheko.

His unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights of the dispossessed and landless has left an indelible impact, continuing to inspire those dedicated to the pursuit of justice and freedom.
A distinguished scholar and author, his legacy is one of resilience, steadfastness, and a deep commitment to challenging colonial narratives and championing African perspectives.

Dr Pheko was a versatile parliamentarian whose immense contributions enriched the parliamentary discourse and oversight committees in which he participated, including those on International Relations, Safety and Security, Justice and Constitutional Development, and Culture, Arts, Science, and Technology.
Born on 13 November 1930, Dr Motsoko Pheko died on April19,2024.

The Presiding Officers of Parliament extended their deepest condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues during this time of grief.