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Kill Crime opens gun training academy

By Libuseng Nyaka

QWAQWA – Local security company Kill Crime Security has now added a shooting academy to its portfolio of services, whereby it trains interested members of the public how to use a gun.
Dimakatso Ngozo, one of the three people who have passed gun handling, has described the experience as scary but she was determined to do it.

“It was my first to hold a gun and I felt scared initially, but I had to do it because of the benefits that come with firearm literacy and competence. I will be able to protect myself and I also stand a better chance of getting more job opportunities,” Ngozo said after her first shooting practice.

Ngozo was one of the 19 security personnel who attended Kill Crime’s shooting academy. Only nine managed to pass the theory, while 10 failed and had to repeat on a date yet to set.
Speaking to this publication at the shooting range in Kestell, trainer and operational manager Daniel Stumo Mofokeng outlined steps that one has to go through being introduced to gun use.
“We trained them on criminal procedure, when to shoot and not shoot and gun handling. You do not just shoot or point a gun at someone.

“The gun must be kept in a safe place when it is not with the owner. There are steps that one must know before handling the gun. They are taught using an open book to prepare them for examination after class attendance, then they write an examination. When he/she has passed the theory then they come to the shooting training. When they have passed, certificates are issued after two weeks. Then they go to the police station to register for gun competency.”

Mofokeng said they started out 19 students but only nine managed to proceed to the shooting range because they passed the law that gives them authority to handle a gun.

“As for those who have failed, I have identified little education as a hindrance as some of the things are done in English. Some failed because they did not understand the law due to little education as some of them have no matric, while others were not committed to their studies. But we will take them back to class and test them again.”

He said having gun competency has advantages, such as opening doors for job opportunities in the security industry.