The Guard

The Truth On Board


By Masilo Malakwane

QWAQWA – Incidents of bullying in village schools have been brought to the attention of the department through viral video clips showing physical altercations, rumours or gossip.

This follows a bullying incident at Lekgulo Secondary School in Matebeleng village, where video footage was captured of female learners assaulting each other while their peers watched. 

The video also shows another learner trying to break up the fight but suffering assault with a sjambok.

A bystander who witnessed the incident told The Guard on condition of anonymity that the two learners were fighting over a boyfriend.

“The altercation started at school when one of our friends was accused of stealing another girl’s boyfriend. Apparently, the girls are related. The second altercation – captured on camera – happened after school had been dismissed. It was a bit difficult for us to intervene as you can see one of them was carrying a sjambok.”

School bullying in Qwaqwa.

Meanwhile, the Free State Department of Education said according to a report they received from the District School Safety Coordinator, the incident did happen outside the school premises but the department will take swift action to investigate it and take appropriate action. 

Department spokesperson Howard Ndaba said all learners who were involved, whether victims, perpetrators or bystanders, will have to be referred to the relevant agencies for intervention.

“The school will follow internal processes informed by the learner code of conduct, to discipline the learners and thereafter send a report to the relevant authorities (SGB, DoE, Station School Safety Coordinator, and Probation Officer) to take corrective action.”

Ndaba added that perpetrators will be provided with reconstructive services through diversion programmes that will prevent them from committing the same offence again.