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Cyclists brave the grey weather

By Emily Setona

CLARENS – The Cannondale Maluti double 90 cycling competition showed a spirit of endurance and comradery as teams braved the rainy weather and finished the race despite the pouring rain that persisted well through much of the race.

All riders finished the 2024 Cannondale Maluti Double 90 180km cycling challenge with a 220km ascent in testing conditions. The following teams are the winners in the respective categories; Open men team winners in first place, Midas and Autorama, in second place RAF Buddy NamedSPORT and in third place SSE. For the mixed team winners first place is TEG Procycling, second place went to Big Chainring Racing (OG) and third place Albion Express as for the ladies’ team winners in first place were Tour de Friends.

The King of Maluti was won by Brandon Downes and the Queen of Maluti was won by Kelsey van Schoor and they both expressed joy and excitement for not only finishing the race in such extreme conditions but being crowned king and queen. The teams walked away with cash prices while the king and queen of Maluti also won some sponsored cycling gear gift bags.

The captains of the winning teams unanimously agreed that this race inspired a team spirit because as a captain you had to make sure that every team member finishes the race especially in the pouring rain that posed as an added challenge for most cyclists.

Cyclists at the Cannondale Maluti double 90 cycling challenges.

According to Rozane Dreyer a member of the organizing team, the first male and mixed team won R17000 and the first ladies team won a non-cash prize as there were only 2 female teams not qualifying for cash as there must be at least 6 teams in a category to win a cash prize. The king and queen of maluti won cycling gear sponsored by Omnico.