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The Truth On Board


By Staff Reporter

A poor background is no determining factor for one’s future, nor can it dictate one’s fate. Some people use this situation as motivation to strive for success as did Puseletso Mqomo, who amidst this unpleasant situation was, however, able to bag a degree in BSc. Microbiology and Genetics from the University of the Free State.

Mqomo is currently doing her postgraduate degree in Education.

Her main goal is to complete her Honours either in Industrial Microbiology or Medical Microbiology. 

She disclosed to the media that her financial challenges started in 2016 when she was about to embark on her second year, when the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) stopped funding her as her credits were not enough.

No amount of frustration could stop her from attaining her dream. She did not dwell on the problem, but instead used her energy to find a solution.

“Not being able to go to varsity neither frustrated nor embarrassed me. I looked for a job and told myself I did want to see myself going after sugar daddies or doing odd things for money because of my mother not being able to afford to pay for my studies,” Mqomo disclosed. 

It took Mqomo six months to find a job, during which time she was surrounded by emotion and negativity; however, that also strengthened her resolve to push herself to acquire her goal. 

Mqomo added that after she was employed, she informed her boss that she did not intend to work at Engen Garage permanently as she had intentions to go back to school and finish her degree. 

“I saved about R16000 and my tuition fees amounted to R63000, so I had already told myself that the money won’t be enough, but as long as I had paid the registration fee, I was good. The rest I would deal with as I went on.”

In 2017 Mqomo went back to school and fortunately NSFAS agreed to fund her. During that year she fell pregnant, but this did not stop her from reaching her goal. 

The determination of this young student strengthened her resolve to keep going. Her decision in doing B.Sc. Microbiology and Genetics came from her love of physics and life sciences. She initially started studying B.Sc. Chemistry but struggled with it; hence she changed to B.Sc. Microbiology and Genetics. “I want to work as a medical microbiologist and analyse species, working in the lab, or I’d love to do Industrial Microbiology,” she explained. 

“I could tell someone who wants to give up that nothing is easy in life, and nothing will ever be easy. Giving up should never be an option, No matter how many lemons life throws at you. just turn them into lemonade,” Mqomo concluded.