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Call for equalisation of traditional leaders : Mashatile

By Emily Setona

QWAQWA – There is a need to treat traditional leaders at the same level with the same dignity and respect, deputy president Paul Mashatile said this while addressing the Bakoena royal household in Namahadi on his visit to Maluti-A- Phofung on March 22,2024.

Mashatile promised to elevate this matter in the national house of traditional and Khoi – San Leaders during the meeting to be held in Pretoria on March 26,2024 where he will be addressing various issues that he has come to learn about through his visits to the traditional leaders throughout the provinces in the country.
In his speech during the annual opening of the National House of Traditional and Khoi – San Leaders, President Cyril Ramaphosa said that the deputy president and himself are seized with the matter of ensuring that members of the National house of Traditional and Khoi – San Leaders are invited to work stream meetings and can participate more fully.

“It has been brought to my attention that there is a need to make sure that there is equalization amongst traditional leaders in South Africa. Sometimes when you visit different places in the country you find that some traditional leaders are treated better than others. I want to make sure that when we deal with our traditional leaders, those you are at a particular level should be treated the same, there should be no differences. When I was in the Northwest province the royal household mentioned that they don’t have tools of trade, some don’t have cars. Earlier on the premier mentioned the issue of the poor road infrastructure and the issue with treasury that is making it difficult for the government to assist with buying the traditional leaders’ adequate cars for this area. I will address all this because the government cannot lead alone,” Mashatile said while addressing the Bakoena traditional house of leaders.

Mashatile commended the provincial government for working well with the traditional leaders and praised MEC Teboho Mokoena and his department for taking the lead in working with the royal households and making resources available for the traditional leaders to be able to work well with the community.

From left Hod Agriculture and rural development Dr Takisi Masiteng, MEC Teboho Saki Mokoena, deputy president Paul Mashatile and Bakoena King Morena Moremoholo Mopeli.

Before giving the floor to Morena e Moholo Moremoholo Mopeli, the chairperson to the Provincial House of Tradition and Khoi – San Leaders Neo Mopeli said that as the deputy president has mentioned that he will be meeting with traditional leaders in Pretoria on the 26th they will use that platform to give their input.

“We are happy that the deputy president saw it fit to come and visit us. Our challenges are many, but we understand that we are all leaders, so it is very important that we are not always extending a hand asking for help but also offer solutions as well. I’d also like to wish the leadership well at the upcoming elections and all that I can say is – May the best man win,” Morena e Moholo Moremoholo Mopeli said when addressing the traditional and government leadership gathered at Namahadi.