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Basotho new year to be celebrated on August 5

By Staff Reporter

QWAQWA-Free Staters will gather at Basotho cultural village in Maluti-a-phofung local municipality on August 05 where they will celebrate Basotho new year through various activities that resembles Basotho.

In August the Basotho normally celebrate the New Year. This is annually done in recognition of nature’s way of giving way to a new life after a dry winter season. Historically the Basotho did not follow the Gregorian calendar, but relied on the position of the moon, the natural indicator of the seasonal rotation.

According to media statement from department of Sports ,Arts ,Culture and Recreation , Basotho New Year is celebrated annually after the last days of winter (Mariha) to give way to new life after the dry season. Basotho New Year starts in August (Phato), which is known for its blowing winds and it being the month when fields are cultivated and the first crop from the cultivation is offered as a sacrifice to Tlatlamatjholo (God).

“As in previous years the celebration will showcase the following activities: horse riding, grand parade, demonstration of cultivation, music and dance. Traditional music and dance that will be showcased on the day include, amongst others, Mohobelo, Accordion music, Serobolelo, Sesotho hip hop as well as Zulu and Tswana traditional dances. A variety of Basotho traditional food will also be on display. The proceedings will be opened with a Basotho prayer,” said sports, arts culture and recreation director of communication Tankiso Zola.

He said dignitaries and communities from across the Free State, other parts of the country as well as from the neighbouring country of Lesotho are expected to attend.

“ The cultural and historical umbilical cord that connects Basotho people in the Free State and Lesotho is also strengthened through this celebration.”