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Alleged husband burner remains in custody

By Libuseng Nyaka

QWAQWA – The State is opposing the bail application of Sefora Dlamini (37) of the Snake Park Section of Bluegumbosch who is charged for the murder of her husband Sbusiso Dlamini (54).

Warrant officer Khaile Mathibela told the court that the state intends to call the four-year old daughter of the couple who will place her mother at the scene of the crime.

“Releasing Sefora on bail will jeopardise the state’s case as she would influence the same minor child that she said she wants to be released on bail in order to take care of her. The minor is still traumatised because of what she witnessed and she is currently receiving counselling. She saw her mother pouring an inflammable liquid and setting her father alight,” Mathibela told the court.

Mathibela said the accused’s previous convictions of assault and intimidation as well as  protection orders against her from the alleged girl friend of her late husband Alice, disqualify her from getting bail.

He also refuted claims by the applicant saying she misled the court when she claimed her mother was hospitalized and she had to take care of her.

“It is not true; her mother is still at home and was never in hospital. In fact, while we were at the burial of the suspect‘s husband, her mother requested me to ensure that she does not get bail because that would be for her own safety as people are angry.”

Mathibela also told the court that Dlamini has no place to call home and that categorises her as a flight risk.
“The place that Dlamini calls home is her maternal home and her mother said her uncles are angry with her and have ordered she be prevented from entering their homestead.”

He said State intends to call eight witnesses, among them the minor who is an eye witness, the nurse and doctor who treated the deceased.
“Both the nurse and the doctor that treated him will tell this court that, before he died, the deceased told them that his wife had burned him and he even instructed them not to respond to her calls and not allow her to see him.”

When applying for bail on  Monday, Sefora put her health condition as special circumstances. She said she is diabetic and suffers from meningitis.
She also said her hospitalized mother and minor child are the reasons she wants to be released on bail.

According to police statement Dlamini, poured her husband  with a flammable liquid and set him alight.
He was rushed to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his burn wound.

“It is alleged that on 10 March 2023 at about 04:10 the man arrived and was admitted in hospital Phuthaditjhaba with severe burn wounds. It’s further alleged that he mentioned that his wife poured him with an flammable liquid on lower part of his body and took out a box of matches and set him alight. He sustained severe injuries on the stomach, neck, lower limbs and buttocks,” read the statement

The matter was brought before the Phuthaditjhaba police on Monday, 13 March 2023 where a case of murder was opened and is being investigated. The motive behind the incident is not yet known,” police statement read.

Debate on bail applications still continues and warrant officer Mathibela remains under oath until Monday April 3, 2023.
The case was before Phuthaditjhaba Magistrate D. Kettledas while Shabangu prosecuted. Dlamini was represented by Xolile Ntsendwana.