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Tourism hosts Media in Mother City

By Staff Reporter

CAPE TOWN-National department of Tourism hosts various media houses in the Mother city (Cape Town) as the cutting razor which Tourism minister Lindiwe Sisulu launched it at !Khaw ttu Heritage Centre in Yzerfontein.

The tour started at the Cape Town International airport where The Guard newspaper and various media houses gathered to see their way to their hotel place for the weekend next to V and A Waterfront at Portswood Hotel with a minibus taxi.
The weather condition had windy towards Gugulethu as tour guide, Norman shared his light information about Cape Town as the mist towards Table Mountain become darker and colder on a heavy traffic towards North of the City.

After a light lunch at the hotel reporters went ahead at Gold Opulent African cuisine where they have been welcomed by Marimba rythms and drums beat by leading vocalist Easy from Congo-Brazzavile leading the tour-guests as the waiters serve them with white-red wine bottomless as the starter came as hot wings and tomato soup.

The drum beat couldn’t stop whilst the guests were in high spirit of collapsing hands towards the performers on stage. The night was still young as the food came non-stop as the buffet. The night was stopped by photo-shoot as the reporters show their way back to the hotel entrance rooms.
On the next day it started with showers of rain as the road head to Darling Olives and wine tasting via 27 Rosterkoek in a rainy roads towards the destination. It was an informative session to learn on more than 10 pressed wines and olives on the farm. Lunch stopped at Darling brewery where everyone chose lunch of mostly burgers and chips before heading to Langebaan.
As the early evening creeps in everyone started to show exhaustion just because of yesterday’s mood of Mother City. In the arrival of guests at Langebaan the beach was hovering with its high volume of waves it didn’t scare the reporters to attack but starring not to participate in the sea. The night was young as the preparation for the next day was hype to media towards sunset.