The Guard

The Truth On Board


By Libuseng Nyaka

ZASTRON- Tabling the budget for the financial year 2021/22, the Agriculture and Rural Development MEC Kwekwe William   Bulwane reminded the citizen to treasure the democracy that they are enjoying because people died for it.

“It is in this month when we remember 69 black Africans who were shot and killed in the Sharpeville massacre by the police. They were non-violent and unarmed protesters but shot and brutally killed for protesting against the apartheid government pass laws. I want to make this clear, that our democracy didn’t come on a silver platter, it came through blood and sacrifices.”

Under this background Bulwane  called on the masses, working class and alliance to protect and defend the gains of democracy.

Agriculture and Rural Development MEC Kwekwe William Bulwane and a farmer.

“ Youth, women and people with disability remain a priority as we are embarking on economic transformation, eradication of poverty, unemployment and inequalities. We welcome and support the economic reconstruction and recovery plan as announced by the President of the Republic of South Africa as stimulus. With the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for one to start by thanking the Almighty for the life presented to us. A day in life it is indeed a blessing, looking at the rate at how we have lost and continuing to lose loved ones as a result of this deadly virus.”

He said this  pandemic has done unprecedented harm to our families, destroyed global economies and livelihoods.

“It has completely changed the ways of living, how we socialize and how we work; bringing us to the ‘New Normal’”.

He described the emergence of this pandemic  as  definitely depriving people  to enjoy the fruits of  democracy, which was brazenly fought for by our heroes and heroines.