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The Truth On Board


By Emily Setona

QWAQWA- Residents of Maluti-a-Phofung (MAP) are in a rush to fill their tanks out of fear and panic that petrol might could run out, as messages to that effect spread like wildfire on various social media platforms.

Amidst all the civil unrest that is happening throughout the country, the local municipality of Maluti-a-Phofung has been adversely affected. Some Petrol suppliers have decided not to deliver to this local municipality for safety concerns and as a risk management move. But, until the civil unrest is brought to a stop, it seems like petrol will be scarce or totally depleted.

Mohammed Sarang, the manager of Sasol petrol station says the garage he manages receives its supply of petrol from their supplier in Sasol in the Gauteng province and that deliveries have been suspended until further notice.

Panicking as motorists rush to fill up their tanks with petrol.

 This Sasol garage is situated right in the Central Business District (CBD) of MAP Setsing and next to Maluti Crescent Mall. Motorists have flocked at this petrol station to fill up their tanks. This Sasol garage also supplies local residents with paraffin, so residents also came queuing to buy their paraffin before it is depleted.

Caltex garage in Phuthadithjaba also boasted a very long queue of motorists who came to fill up at this petrol station. Management here had a different story to share, as Shadrack Mahoa the manager of this petrol station said his supplier is based in Welkom in the Free State so motorists don’t have to worry about this garage running out of petrol.

Phuthaditjhaba Caltex Garage manager Shadrack Mahoa.

“We usually get our petrol delivered on Fridays, but because of the current situation, I have called suppliers and requested for a delivery for tomorrow. (Thursday 15 July),” said Mahoa.

The assistant manager at Caltex garage Dikgang Makoro said that motorists are more than welcome to fill their tanks at their petrol stations at this difficult. He asked that motorists be aware that their entrance is very small so a convoy of cars does not help this situation.

It seems like while other petrol stations are running out of petrol. Caltex garage in Phuthadithjaba will still be able to service the greater community of Qwaqwa. Until this civil unrest is brought to a screeching halt, residents of this local municipality have to suffer the temporary loss of commodities such as petrol because most deliveries have currently been suspended.