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Lismor murderer gets 30 years

By Libuseng Nyaka

HARRISMITH – One of two men charged with murdering six women and a teenager at Lismor farm outside Kestell, Lerato Selepe (24), has been sentenced to 30 years in jail by the Bloemfontein High Court after pleading guilty to all 12 charges on March 13, 2024.
The trial of his is co-accused who pleaded not guilty to the crimes, Kamohelo Motankisi (36), continues in the Harrismith Court .

The accused allegedly attacked and murdered Sesi Smith’s stepson Rudi Smith and five of her employees Nokufa Portia Monareng, Nomasonto Christian Zulu, Lerato Julia Moloi, Mothoduwa Paulina Moloi, and Anna Topsi Maduna at the Lismore farm near Kestell in July 2022. The trial was previously postponed to allow for further investigations.

Speaking to this publication last year, the late Sesi Smith’s Sister Novaziphalala Skhosana said she was devastated at yet another postponement of the trial.

“I am deeply upset with this postponement because every time we come here, we have to relive the trauma we went through,” said a disappointed Skhosana.

Another relative, Khelina Radebe felt the justice system was failing them and it was like the suspects’ rights were more important than the victims’.

Lerato Selepe taller, sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, and Kamohelo Motankisi’s trial postponed.

“I mean no one could explain to us exactly as to why the case is being postponed again. My entire family was murdered yet the suspects sleep in comfort with security guarding them 24/7.

“Everyday I have to live with the trauma of looking at my sister’s toddler and explaining to her where her mother is. I cannot sleep properly at night because every time I come here, I have to face these two bastards who murdered my family in cold blood,” she said as she broke down.
“They might as well throw out the case and release them, because this is unacceptable,” she said.